Classes at Cairns Physie

Classes typically run from February through to October, working towards individual and team performances at the end of the year. Only one leotard or competition Active Wear is required for the year’s performances – so no expensive costumes or footwear! For class practice comfortable active wear is best and we also have club apparrel available, if you would like to purchase, more information is provided during weekly class. Beginners always welcome.

Our classes are held at 2 locations:

Railway Hall, 42 Macnamara Street, Manunda 

Kewarra Beach Community Hall, 41 Poolwood Rd, Kewarra Beach


Senior Ages 15-28+ Years

Whether you’ve grown up performing or are new to dance, at Cairns Physie you will be encouraged to reach for the stars as you take your strength and creativity to the next level as you practice with your friends and perform as part of a team. Our classes are an empowering space where you can be yourself and make friendships you will certainly adore for life.

Ladies Ages 17-60+

The best exercise is when you’re having so much fun, you don’t even realise you’re exercising. That’s what Physie will give you. A weekly class where laughter and connection come hand in hand with strength and fitness. Find an activity that nourishes not only your body but your soul. Regardless of your fitness level or experience, Physie will energise, strengthen and tone your body week by week.

Join women who are friendly, welcoming and who make exercising a joy. Physie will not only be your source of physical activity but your cherished community of like-­minded friends who will support you as you bring out your best.

Physie is a sport for women of all ages and abilities and you are welcome to come try your first class for free.


BJP Competition Wear

A BJP designed leotard, your choice of colour and style, is required if you choose to compete in our competitions. Teams are required to wear all the same, whether it is BJP Performance Wear or leotard.

The Danz Design website ordering period is now open for Champion Girl/Lady Performance Wear & Leotards 

To order your BJP leotard or Performace Wear visit